Kalyani Sales Corporation

Ultrasonic Brass Inserts

We bring forth a wide range of Ultrasonic Brass Inserts for plastic components. The Ultrasonic Brass Inserts are available in sizes ranging from M2 to M10 for all types of plastics, especially Thermoplastics. Customers can be eased with the affordable rates of the Ultrasonic Brass Inserts.

  • Strong, clean, reusable permanent threads
  • No damage to expensive moulding dies
  • No distortion of inserts during installation
  • Sustain high torque loads
  • Withstands vibration without loosening
  • Easy and quick post moulding installation
  • Higher productivity
Used In
  • Automobile industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Home appliance industry
  • Toy industry
  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories